Feature Story

Star-Studded Film Score Documentary Launches on Kickstarter Feb. 15

They say that behind every great movie is a great score. But do you know the story behind every great score?


Bennett Lincoff’s Comments on Music Licensing

Bennett Lincoff’s comments to the US Copyright office on a new system of music licensing

Composer Profile

Interview with Jason Graves

The rampaging “Dead Space” composer now gives elegantly mournful purpose to the werewolf-battling videogame knights of “The Order: 1886”

Industry Spotlight

Interview with Mark Adler

Musically documenting the doubting apocalypse of “Merchants’” comedic circus of lies

Scoring Sessions

Interview with Benjamin Wallfisch

Exploring elegiac musical frontiers with “Desert Dancer” and “Bhopal: A Prayer for Rain”

Final Note

College Film Scoring Programs: Selling The Dream vs. Disclosing Reality

Mark Northam looks at college film scoring programs and how realistic they are about the business



Every once in a while, some clever people come up with a solution to an issue that the DAW developers simply have not addressed

Tech Review

VSL’s New MIRx Makes VSL Mixing a Cinch

Peter Alexander reviews Vienna Symphonic Library’s New MIRx

On The Score

Audio: On the Score with Henry Jackman and Matthew Margeson

Film music journalist Daniel Schweiger interviews composers HENRY JACKMAN and MATTHEW MARGESON, who pass the John Barry test with flying Union Jack colors as they energetically join KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE

Chart Doctor

Orchestration: The Devil Is In The Details, Part 2

Ron Hess discusses how you’ll never achieve the Holy Grail of a perfect sight reading if your notation doesn’t tell each musician at a glance how it’s supposed to sound

Music Supervision

Way of the Rain (Sun)Dance

“The performance is fluidly dynamic, like the American Southwest thunderstorms that inspired this show, and changes each time we do it,” visibly effervescent WAY OF THE RAIN creator Sibylle Szaggars Redford expresses as she and the live show’s principal artists sweep into a reflectively passionate post-show round table. Mrs. Redford’s illuminating project description also mirrors [...]

CD Reviews

March Soundtrack Picks

‘CINDERELLA‘ is the top soundtrack to own for March, 2015

Royalty Checks and Reality Checks

Benefits of Joining Overseas Royalty Societies

Mark Holden discusses the financial benefits to composers of joining overseas royalty societies


CineRadio Top-20 for August, 2014

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes tops the August 2014 Top-20 film music radio airplay chart for the second month in a row