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Name: Mark Northam

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Bio: Mark Northam is a journalist, classically trained jazz pianist and film composer and writes for Film Music Magazine and RoyaltyWeek Magazine. He also manages the Film Music Network professional trade organization and teaches courses about the music business in Los Angeles and New York. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Accounting and Taxation from The University of Houston.

Articles written by Mark Northam

Immediate Music’s Goren Launches New Music Label

September 4, 2008

Immedaite Music’s Yoav Goren has announced the formation of a new record label, Imperativa Records

Ten Questions for Composers Investing in Technology

July 29, 2008

Mark Northam lists 10 questions every composer should ask manufacturers of technology they’re considering investing in for their studios.

Discovery and APM Release Score Library; No Sync Fees for Composers

July 28, 2008

Media giant Discovery Communications and leading music library APM Music have released “Discovery Studios Tracks,” a 5-CD set including over 200 tracks of score music selected from shows on Discovery’s cable channels, however Discovery has confirmed that composers who wrote the music on the CDs will not be sharing in the sync and license fees generated from the release

Karlin Tribute Gains Support at ASCAP

July 28, 2008

Veteran ASCAP Board member Doug Wood has indicated he “completely supports” adding Fred Karlin’s name to the title of the ASCAP film scoring workshop to honor Karlin, the legendary composer who created the workshop in 1988

Local 47 Withholds $10K AFM National Dues

July 28, 2008

Pursuant to a court order in the lawsuit brought by Los Angeles recording musicians against Local 47 and the American Federation of Musicians, Local 47 has withheld $10,094.71 of dues payable to the AFM national office for June union musician wages pending a resolution of the lawsuit

ASCAP Celebrates 20 Years of Film Scoring Workshops; Founder Fred Karlin Ignored

July 8, 2008

ASCAP has announced the names of 12 composers that the organization has selected to participate in its film and television scoring workshop for 2008 in a historical retrospective press release that discussed many details of the 20 year history of the workshop but did not include any mention of the workshop’s founder, creator, and leader for many years, the late veteran composer and film music educator Fred Karlin.

ASCAP’s Shameful Treatment of Fred Karlin’s Legacy

July 8, 2008

ASCAP celebrates its film scoring workshop by avoiding any mention of its founder, Fred Karlin.

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Committee: RMA Considering Targeting Orchestral Tenure Clauses

The Committee for a More Responsible Local 47, an anonymous industry watchdog group based in Los Angeles, has reported that the Recording Musicians Association (RMA) is considering targeting tenure clauses of AFM local orchestra collective bargaining agreements.

Report: AFM May De-Conference RMA

A music industry newsletter is reporting that according to multiple reports it has received, the American Federation of Musicians (AFM) may be considering “de-conferencing” the Recording Musicians Association (RMA), a player-conference within the AFM.

PreSonus Opens Online Store

PreSonus Audio Electronics has announced the opening of the PreSonus Online Store