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Name: Valeria Korotina

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Bio: Valeria is the Chief Editor of Russian professional film music magazine FilmMusic Online (www.filmmusiconline.ru). Having graduated from All-Russia State Institute of Cinematography, she also works as a producer and a music agent. Prior to committing herself to the film music, Valeria has worked in PR and events industry, inter alia, organizing for several years Australian Film Festival in Moscow and St. Petersburg - event supported by Australian Government. Valeria also holds PhD in Philology.

Articles written by Valeria Korotina

Russian Movie Theater Fined $1,000, Projectors Seized For Not Paying Composer Royalties

May 20, 2010

A Russian movie theatre has been found guilty of screening foreign and local films without paying royalties to the composers, and has been fined $1,000 USD and had their projectors and films confiscated by authorities. The move is in sharp contrast to the USA where movie theatres are exempt from paying license fees to performing rights societies for music in films shown in theatres due to the disastrous Alden-Rochelle v. ASCAP court decision.