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Name: Peter Alexander

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Bio: Peter Alexander's newest book is Professional Orchestration 2B: Orchestrating the Melody Within the Woodwinds and Brass Section. Besides writing for Film Music Magazine, you can see more of Peter Alexander's reviews at www.soniccontrol.tv.

Articles written by Peter Alexander

Alexander Publishing Releases Alex North Film Scoring Series With Cues and Video Instruction

October 15, 2014

Alexander Publishing, working with the North Family, releases the Alex North Film Scoring Series featuring newly engraved scores in concert key of actual film cues of Academy Award winning A-list composer Alex North

Alexander Publishing Releases New Video Lecture Course, Scoring Stages: Bruckner and Film Orchestration

October 15, 2013

Petersburg, VA (October 15, 2013) – Alexander Publishing, working with the Bruckner Society of America, has released it’s newest video lecture course, Scoring Stages: Bruckner and Film Orchestration, the first course ever to show the influence of Bruckner’s scoring techniques in film composition

VSL’s New MIRx Makes VSL Mixing a Cinch

August 26, 2013

Peter Alexander reviews Vienna Symphonic Library’s New MIRx

Professional Orchestration Review: Vienna Dimension Violins

March 15, 2013

Peter Alexander reviews Vienna Dimension Violins

Professional Orchestration Review: LASS Sordinos

November 16, 2011

Peter Alexander reviews LASS Legato Sordinos

Albion: A Professional Orchestration Review

September 21, 2011

Peter Alexander reviews Albion, the newest orchestral brainchild from Spitfire Audio

Hollywood Brass: First Review

August 17, 2011

Peter Alexander reviews Hollywood Brass Diamond

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Peter Alexander conducts a pre-review of Hollywood Strings Gold

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Peter Alexander reviews the new CineSamples library, CineBrass

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Peter Alexander interviews Ernest Cholakis about his orchestral reverbs for Vienna Suite