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Name: Peter Alexander

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Bio: Peter Alexander's newest book is Professional Orchestration 2B: Orchestrating the Melody Within the Woodwinds and Brass Section. Besides writing for Film Music Magazine, you can see more of Peter Alexander's reviews at www.soniccontrol.tv.

Articles written by Peter Alexander

Hollywood Strings: A First Consideration

January 25, 2010

Peter Alexander takes a look at new details about the Hollywood Strings library

Final Tech Thoughts on the Cranky Year of 2009

January 14, 2010

Peter Alexander expresses his year end round-up for 2009 and offers up his insight for the new year

AcousticsampleS’ Arnaud Sicard

December 7, 2009

Peter Alexander interviews Arnaud Sicard of AcoustisampleS

2nd Annual Music Technology Christmas Must-Have List

November 24, 2009

Peter Alexander lists his “must-haves” to help create one killer orchestral template on a single computer

Review: Evolve from Heavyocity

October 24, 2009

Peter Alexander looks at Evolve, a software instrument program for electronic scoring

Trend Lines: The Changing Face of Sample Library Sales

October 21, 2009

Peter Alexander explores emerging business models in sample library sales

East West Releases Details on Hollywood Strings

September 21, 2009

Peter Alexander discusses release plans for EastWest’s Hollywood Strings

More from this Author

L. A. Scoring Strings: The New Workhorse String Library

Peter Alexander explores L.A. Scoring Strings, an exciting new string sample library

A Key Unreported Aspect of L.A. Scoring Strings

Tucked away in the articulation list for L.A. Scoring Strings is complete muted strings section, that’s all.

A Question Considered: L.A. Scoring Strings vs. Hollywood Strings

Peter Alexander talks about two of the newest string sample libraries and what they mean for composers