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Name: Peter Alexander

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Bio: Peter Alexander's newest book is Professional Orchestration 2B: Orchestrating the Melody Within the Woodwinds and Brass Section. Besides writing for Film Music Magazine, you can see more of Peter Alexander's reviews at www.soniccontrol.tv.

Articles written by Peter Alexander

L.A. Scoring Strings Sample Library Released

July 8, 2009

The new L.A. Scoring Strings sample library has been released including early-purchase discounts and online demos.

EastWest Snags Award Winning Engineer Shawn Murphy For New Hollywood Strings Library

July 1, 2009

EastWest has announced that Academy Award winning recording engineer Shawn Murphy was retained to record the company’s new Hollywood Strings Virtual Instrument, the newest addition to the PLAY software instrument family of products.

Orange Tree Samples Releases Iconic Bass: Jaco

June 25, 2009

Orange Tree Samples has released “Iconic Bass: Jaco”, its fifth sample library, in honor of the late Jaco Pastorius

Arthur Lange and The Spectratone Chart

June 17, 2009

Peter Alexander explores Arthur Lange’s Spectratone color system for orchestration

L.A. Scoring Strings Pre-Release Manual Available

June 17, 2009

The pre-release manual to the much-awaited L.A. Scoring Strings library is now available

Wavelore Releases New Pedal Steel Guitar in Kontakt Format

June 17, 2009

Canadian soundware developer Wavelore Instruments has announced the release of their long-awaited Pedal Steel Guitar virtual instrument for Native Instruments’ Kontakt software sampler

Project SAM Orchestral Brass Classic 1.1 Update

May 11, 2009

Project SAM has released an update to their orchestral brass sample library

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A Light In the Forest

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