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Name: Ron Hess

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Bio: Ron Hess works as a studio conductor, orchestrator, copyist and score supervisor in Los Angeles, where he’s well-known for his quick ability to ferret out the most hidden performance problems and spot score glitches rapidly. He holds a Master’s Degree from the New England Conservatory, and is considered one of the top Finale experts in Los Angeles. Learn more about the life of this "hired gun" by visiting his website at www.ronhessmusic.com

Articles written by Ron Hess

Why You Should Consider Carryin’ A Librarian

September 4, 2008

Ron Hess takes a look at the job of the librarian on scoring sessions

Creating In Spite Of Your Computer

July 29, 2008

Ron Hess talks about computers and the creative process

Strategic Profit Sharing

July 21, 2008

Ron Hess talk about sharing work vs. doing gigs solo

Learning Software, Part 2: Upgrading Efficiently

July 16, 2008

Ron Hess talks about mastering the art of the software upgrade

Learning Software, Part 1: Creative Cramming

July 8, 2008

Ron Hess talks about expediting the learning process for software and upgrades

Orchestration: You’ve Got To Know Your Limitations

July 1, 2008

Ron Hess talks about successfully dealing with orchestra and orchestrator limitations

Orchestration: Finding Your Own Voice

June 25, 2008

Ron Hess talks about how orchestrators can look within themselves and find their own voice

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Recently we looked at the topic of bridging the essentially unbridgeable: music you can hear versus music you can see. One topic we didn’t tackle was the brewing identity crisis spawned by technology which blurs the descriptions of the jobs we do, particularly when it comes to that other, unwritten part of the paycheck: screen […]

MIDI Transcription: A Workable, Systematic Method, Part 2

In part 1, we made our preparations for our leap across the Grand Canyon that separates the conceptual worlds of music that you hear and music that you see. At this point, you should have a clear idea of the character of the music you are translating and, if your software is thusly adjustable, you […]