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Free The Slaves?

Jay Asher discusses how in the beginning, there was Audio and there was MIDI, and it was good…

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Everything Old Is New Again

September 1, 2011

Jay Asher discusses the recent software solutions introduced that attempt to replicate the “warmth” of analog in this digital age


August 1, 2011

Jay Asher shares an introduction into the world of “engineer speak”

Demystifying Compressors

July 5, 2011

Jay Asher discusses software and hardware compressors

On Being Both The Carpenter And The Toolsmith

May 31, 2011

Jay Asher has a discussion with composer/developer Nick Phoenix

Take A Walk On The Soft Side

May 5, 2011

Jay Asher has a discussion with composer/synthesist Steve Porcaro

A Breath Of Fresh Air

April 11, 2011

Jay Asher has a discussion with EVI (Electronic Valve Instrument) specialist Judd Miller.

Things That Go Boom In The Night

March 17, 2011

Jay Asher discusses working with electronic drums, percussion and effects with drummer-percussionist-sound designer, Ron Aston

DEMO-GRAPHY: Discussing library demos with Colin O’Malley

February 21, 2011

Jay Asher interviews Emmy nominated composer for film and television, Colin O’Malley

There’s A Place For Us

February 1, 2011

Two great engineers discuss creating a sense of placement with sampled orchestral instruments with composer Jay Asher