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Interview With Composer John Ottman

Daniel Schweiger interviews John Ottman, once profiling THE USUAL SUSPECTS, now finds himself discovering the identity of UNKNOWN

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Interview With Composer Jason Graves

January 11, 2011

Daniel Schweiger interviews Jason Graves, the man behind the musical terror of DEAD SPACE as he dares to play again in a gore-splattered space city

Interview With Composer David Arnold

December 1, 2010

Daniel Schweiger interviews STARGATE’s David Arnold as he hears a new world in NARNIA with THE VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER

The Deathly Hallows Composer Alexandre Desplat

November 9, 2010

Daniel Schweiger interviews the composer of New Moon as he takes on another epic franchise, the film chapters of HARRY POTTER

Industry Spotlight: Halo Composer Martin O’Donnell

October 4, 2010

Daniel Schweiger interviews the longtime Halo composer as he reflects on his last musical mission for the Spartans with Reach

Industry Spotlight: Tom Hajdu, the Resident “T” in Tomandandy

September 23, 2010

Daniel Schweiger interviews Tom Hajdu, of Tomandandy, about scoring the third-dimensional onslaught of RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE

Industry Spotlight: Producer and Musician Ned Mann Fights Lou Gehrig’s Disease

April 30, 2010

Veteran producer and musician Ned Mann fights Lou Gehrig’s Disease with music and inspiration

Industry Spotlight: Recording Engineer JOHN KURLANDER

February 18, 2010

Grammy-winning recording engineer John Kurlander celebrates success in film, television and video games

Industry Spotlight: Songs To Your Eyes Library Founder OPHER YISRAELI

January 14, 2010

In a declining economy, Opher Yisraeli has built a fast-growing music library with an impressive client list

Industry Spotlight: Composer and SCOREcastOnline Founder DEANE OGDEN

November 30, 2009

Film Music Magazine interviews Deane Ogden, composer and founder of the SCOREcastOnline interactive community