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By • April 29, 2013
(Photo by Joanne Leung)

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As a composer who’s one of Hollywood’s foremost practitioners of propulsive action music, it’s almost astonishing to think that Brian Tyler has never scored an official comic book movie before “Iron Man 3.” For if film music can be the splashy aural equivalent of a Marvel sound effect on a four-color page, then Tyler’s bombastically thrilling approach is worthy of a Stan Lee-written “KERRANG!” Ever since he hit the big leagues with his score for 2003’s “Timeline,” Tyler’s ever-increasing multiplex entries have often used a deliriously pulpy style filled with raging orchestras, breakneck electronic percussion, heroic brass and raging metal guitars, all building into one explosive climax after the next. Tyler’s used this fuel to floor petal to the metal on three “Fast and Furious” scores, put new spring into the step of aging macho men in two “Expendables” pictures, given live action anime an kung fu blast in “Dragonball” and breathlessly outraced a killer computer in “Eagle Eye.”

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It’s hard not to hear the geek fanboy energy in the physically stylish Tyler, a real enjoyment in the musical multiplex thrills he breathlessly pumps out to maximum effect. Now that enjoyable talent is likely to take him to a whole other stratosphere as he flies high in the Marvel Universe for “Iron Man 3.” It’s a match made in heaven for a composer skilled in the ways of metal, and whose score is a major factor in how filmmaker Shane Black (“Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”) has upgraded this Mark 3 suit in every above and below-the-line department.

Tyler delivers the soundtrack in just about every way you can think of a “comic book” soundtrack working, from dastardly, pan-ethnic music for the catchall terrorist Mandarin to the raging fire within a host of brimstone-powered mercenaries. As imposing as they might be, Tyler’s theme for Tony Stark is forged from the great, unstoppable stuff of superhero heroism, all trumpeting nobility, soaring voices, majestic strings and brash melody, powered by electric rhythms that make for kick-ass science. Yet Tyler’s “Iron Man 3” is also more palpably symphonic than one might expect, showing that it’s the old-school sound of orchestral bravery that powers this metal man.

Now on a new episode of “On the Score,” Brian Tyler talks about finally being able to don the musical suit of which comic book legends are made of, one that takes off with thrillingly renewed vigor for “Iron Man 3.”

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