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By • August 9, 2013

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The murderous administrator named Delacourt (Jodie Foster) might not be expecting the arrival of a rebel to her heaven over hell. It’s the ultimate gated community for the rich, a space station called “Elysium” that’s dedicated to keeping the filthy poor on the blighted Earth below explosively out from its spotless utopia above, where machines can heal any disease. In much the same way that Matt Damon’s power-armored Max comes crashing into Delacourt’s interstellar 90210, a Wisconsin native named Ryan Amon has made a musically explosive entry into the Hollywood big time with his score for this 100 million-dollar plus blockbuster.

Sure you may never have heard of Ryan Amon. But then, no one had ever heard of South African filmmaker Neill Blomkamp before a sci-fi allegory named “District 9” put him on the studio map, Now Blomkamp pays it forward big time with his bold creative choice in picking a virtual unknown to bring his latest, metaphoric future-adventure to musical life. His call to go way outside the realm of the usual scoring suspects pays off handsomely with music that captures the alternately grungy, and wondrous visuals that violently unfold for Max’s pilgrim’s progress to space Shangri La in “Elysium.” High-tech metallic samples thrum away with ancient tribal percussion, throat singers join with angelic female voices and ticking time-bomb action courses amidst ethereal electronics. Simply put, Amon’s terrifically exciting and thoughtfully spellbinding score for “Elysium” is the most audaciously inventive music to grace a gigantic cinematic summer machine this year, one where all the eye candy hardware doesn’t lack for the singularly creative approaches of Blomkamp and a muse who came out of nowhere.

Now on a new episode of On the Score, Blomkamp’s musical mystery man is revealed as Ryan Amon talks about the unique approach that it took prick up his director’s ears and get entry into “Elysium,” as well as the business and production-learning process it took to stay onboard the kind of thrill ride that composers can only dream of.

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