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By • March 24, 2014

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When it seems that many movie scores are cannibalizing each others’ sound, it’s a continued blessing to see the singer and guitarist formerly associated with the alt. band Pop Will Eat Itself blaze a stylistic, soundtrack path that resembles few composers before him. Brought into the world of film scoring by the similarly offbeat auteur Darren Aronofsky to solve the equation of 1998s “Pi,” both artists have brought out each other’s best work through a shared a desire to touch the transcendent. Mutating metal to reach the higher mathematical intelligence of “Pi,” shredding the strings of the Kronos Quartet amidst a hallucinogenic brew of insane percussion to achieve the heroin high of “Requiem for a Dream,” or traversing time from Spanish rhythms to a big bang of symphony and electronics to drink deep of “The Fountain’s” eternal waters, Mansell and Aronofsky have been on a vision and sound quest to touch a higher power.

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But perhaps no other collaboration between Mansell and Aronofsky is a literally all-mighty, or seditiously of-beat as “Noah,” a movie that’s drawn the ire of scripture traditionalists for its unique take on one of religion’s prime builders – a simple man tasked with the mission of saving a small bit of humanity (and animal) from The Lord’s wrath. But then, Mansell and Aronofsky have never been sheep when it comes to following traditional Hollywood story and music-telling, let alone biblical movie clichés. The result is creative heresy itself as both men take a decidedly intellectual approach to a story that demands absolute obedience from its hero, and followers. With Aronofsky’s surreal visions driving “Noah,” Mansell steadily creates a score that’s biblical in the best musical sense, forsaking all others when it comes to faith-based scoring.

It’s a soundtrack constructed piece by piece from brave themes that blend symphonic resonance with a gripping wash of surreal samples, chorus, ethnic instrumentation, sounding brass and rock guitar among its striking elements. And like Mansell’s best music, “Noah” rhythmically builds to musical self-realization at once apocalyptic and intimate, as striking waves of melody coalesce to play the end of mankind and its new beginning. It’s a mix of poetry, wrath and deliverance where Mansell once again hears a spiritual, mesmerizing force that’s made him into one of the prophets of next generation film scoring.

Now on a new episode of “On the Score,” Clint Mansell talks about constructing his bravest, and most transcendent work yet under the guidance of an auteur determined to forge his own path in realizing one of the greatest stories ever told.

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