James Newton Howard Resigns from ASCAP Board; ASCAP Elections Announced

By • February 3, 2007

A source close to ASCAP has confirmed that veteran score composer James Newton Howard resigned from the ASCAP Board of Directors at the most recent board meeting, making him the second major film composer to resign from the ASCAP Board in recent years.

Just prior to the 2003 ASCAP Board election, score composer Mark Isham resigned allowing the Board to appoint Nashville songwriter Wayland Holyfield as an incumbent board member who won re-election shortly thereafter.

In the case of Newton Howard’s resignation, the ASCAP Board did not appoint a replacement on the eve of the election, and decided to let the membership vote to decide who should fill the vacancy.

Within the past week ASCAP mailed ballots to those members eligible to vote in its Board of Directors election held every two years.

Along with the 23 incumbent writer and publisher board members, the ASCAP Board’s Nominating Committees chose the opponents to run against the incumbents.

No independent candidates who collect petition signatures were on the ballot, likely due to language the ASCAP Board created several years ago which has now raised from 25 to over 1000 the number of ASCAP voting member signatures required for a candidate to earn a position on the ballot without being chosen by the Board’s Nominating Committees.

Incumbent writer Board members running for re-election include Marilyn Bergman, Bruce Broughton, Hal David, James “Jimmy Jam” Harris III, Wayland Holyfield, Johnny Mandel, Stephen Paulus, Stephen Schwartz, Jimmy Webb, Paul Williams and Doug Wood.

The Writers Nominating Committee, consisting of Lynn Ahrens, Anthony Crawford, Jay Gruska, Don Schlitz and Wendy Waldman chose a group of opponents including Morgan Ames, Richard Bellis, Charles Bernstein, Craig Carnelia, Jackie Deshannon, Lesley Gore, Christine Lavin, Paul Moravec, Rudy Perez, Greg Prestopino, Julio Reyes, Earl Rose and David Zippel

Biographies and election statements on all ASCAP Writer Board candidates can be found at: http://www.ascap.com/about/elections/2007candidate_writers.pdf

Incumbent Publisher Board members running for re-election include Freddy Bienstock, Arnold Broido, John L. Eastman, Roger Faxon, Nicholas Firth, David Hockman, Dean Kay, Leeds Levy, Jay Morgenstern, David Renzer, Irwin Robinson and Kathy Spanberger.

The Publishers Nominating Committee, consisting of Ree Guyer Buchanan, Bob Fead, Mark Fried, Joel Martin and Stanley Mills chose publisher opponents for the election including Marco Berrocal, Michael Brettler, Stephen Culbertson, Bob Doyle, Neil Gillis, Maxyne Lange, Evan Medow, Randy Poe and Peter Primont.

In other election-related news, the ASCAP Board voted to not release its own Board Meeting attendance records, denying ASCAP members the opportunity to consider these attendance records during the election process.

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