Local 47 “Committee” Launches Responsible47.com Online Blog

By • June 10, 2008

The Committee for a More Responsible Local 47, a watchdog group of AFM Local 47 members who for three years have anonymously published an industry newsletter containing a mix of news, concert announcements, and criticism of some business practices of AFM Local 47 in Los Angeles has launched www.responsible47.com, an online blog that the group describes as “an open and anonymous forum for discussing Local 47 and AFM issues.”

In addition to publishing concert announcements and news, the group has been extremely active during the past three years advocating for what it describes as the “rank and file of Local 47” and has spoken out against what it believes is the inappropriate level influence of the Recording Musicians Association (RMA) in Local 47 matters.

The Committee took an active role opposing last year’s challenge by Local 47 President Hal Espinosa who ran unsuccessfully for election as AFM President against incumbent AFM President Tom Lee. Committee newsletters have detailed numerous complaints against Espinosa and Local 47’s management, exposed the criminal record of a former Local 47 official, and more recently have criticized the federal lawsuit filed by Los Angeles recording musicians against the AFM.

A highlight of Committee newsletters is the anonymous “comments” section that often contains scathing comments sent in by readers. The Committee publishes comments from all sides of issues, including comments critical of the Committee itself, and does not publish the names of comment authors unless the authors request that their names be published.

The new online blog features an archive of three years of Committee newsletters, links to AFM sites, anonymous commenting on all current and past newsletters and more. For more information, visit www.responsible47.com

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