EastWest Introduces New Zero-G Sample Library Titles

Film Music Magazine • June 10, 2008

EastWest has introduced five new titles to its SoundSense Series: Street Beatz, LA Drums for Songwriters, Grime Scene, Old Skool House and Elektrolytic.

Created by New York producer Shaun Morris, Street Beatz features 1 GB of revolutionary hip hop sounds including construction kits, beats, basses, guitar riffs, percussion loops, drum kits, stabs, orchestral riffs and more.

LA session player, engineer and programmer, Jeremy Janeczko (JJ), created LA Drums for Songwriters, a collection of acoustic drum loops which cover a variety of musical styles.
Developed by one of the UK’s Hip Hop and Grime Producers, Grime Scene features 500 MB of raw beats influenced by Ragga, Grime, Reggae, Dubstep and other musical varieties.
Zero-G’s top house producers created Old Skool House, a collection of old skool house samples featuring construction kits, beats, basses, pianos, organs, percussion loops, drum kits, stabs, riffs and more.

The second sample library by Ian Boddy in the Zero-G SoundSense series, Elektroytic, features beats that have been twisted and mangled using a huge arsenal of cutting-edge digital techniques. These techniques include beat-synced filtering, phasing and flanging as well as lo-fi treatments such as extreme distortion and bit crushing. Further exotic manglings such as spectral analysis, granular resynthesis and textural morphing are also included.

“Users will be able to find exactly what they need to complete any project with the new sample collections from Zero-G SoundSense Series,” says Doug Rogers, president and CEO of EASTWEST. “Each collection retails for under $100 while still offering a huge amount of content, making it easy for SoundSense to fit into any producer’s budget.”

For more information, visit the EASTWEST website, www.soundsonline.com.

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