Immediate Music’s Goren Launches New Music Label

By • September 4, 2008

Emmy Award winning producer/composer Yoav Goren, founder of leading trailer music library Immediate Music, has announced the launch of Imperativa Records, a new music label. Goren also announced the U.S. release of Imperativa Records’ first two original CDs, “Trailerhead” from artist Immediate, and “Epicon” from artist Globus.

Goren said, “Imperativa Records is a high quality label dedicated to providing music lovers of all kinds the best of contemporary, orchestral and choral music for the 21st Century. We felt the time was right to release this exciting, emotionally powerful music to a wider audience, and we expect to be delivering several upcoming new releases during the course of the next few years.”

“Trailerhead” contains 15 newly available tracks, each of which presents an epic, hybrid orchestral style. The tracks mix orchestra with electronics and various grooves, along with sweeping choral melodies. Immediate is credited as pioneers in bringing this production style to the genre popularly known as “Trailer Music,” which is broadly used within Hollywood’s global motion picture advertising industry.

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