ASCAP Removes Original Release, Honors Fred Karlin

By • September 4, 2008

After publishing a historical retrospective of its film scoring workshop that contained no reference or credit for workshop founder Fred Karlin, ASCAP has deleted the original release from its news page and replaced it with coverage of the scoring workshop that includes a glowing tribute to Karlin.

As originally reported in Film Music Magazine in July, the original ASCAP retrospective release contained no reference or mention of the founder and creator of the film scoring workshop, veteran film composer Fred Karlin. After complaints from the industry, ASCAP moved to correct the situation and the new coverage featured in Playback magazine was included on ASCAP’s website while the original press release was deleted from its news page.

In 1988 Karlin, a former columnist for Film Music Magazine, founded the workshop then called The ASCAP/Fred Karlin Film Scoring Workshop and led the workshop for many years after that. He passed away in 2004.

This year, guest speakers at the workshop included Doug Frank, President of Music Operations for Warner Bros. Pictures, Academy Award-nominated and Emmy-winning composer John Debney, along with director Tom Shadyac and music editor Jeff Carson. Industry veterans who regularly contribute their time and talent to the program include: music editor Michael Ryan co-founder of Mad 4 Music, Jo Ann Kane Music Services, legendary recording engineer Armin Steiner, orchestrator David Slonaker and concert master Endre Granat. The workshop is hosted by Richard Bellis.

A proposal has been made to ASCAP to change the name of the workshop to add “in memory of Fred Karlin” as ASCAP did when the name of its NY film scoring workshop was changed to add the language “in memory of Buddy Baker” after workshop host Buddy Baker died. Veteran board member Doug Wood has indicated to Film Music Magazine he supports the proposal, and Film Music Magazine will report on any action taken on the proposal at the upcoming September, 2008 ASCAP Board meetings.

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