JECO Music Announces Commercial/TV Promo Library

By • September 11, 2008

JECO Music has announced The Spot, an online premium music library featuring over 600 tracks of music in commercial-length formats specifically designed for advertising and TV promos.

The library gives media professionals fast, efficient access to a wide variety of tracks that follow the natural arc and rhythm of commercials and other media projects. Categories are arranged by feeling/mood, allowing clients to think about the music in terms that are connected to the visual concept.

A special feature offered by “The Spot” is its “Virtual Music Consultant,” one of three powerful search engines, which allows users to search the library by answering a series of questions about their project. This search method requires no knowledge of musical terminology, and provides a simple, organic approach to finding the perfect track.

Jon Ehrlich and Leigh Roberts, JECO Music Creative Directors/Co-Founders, agree, “We’ve assembled a remarkable collection of original music for ‘The Spot.’ It’s exciting for us to now have the ability to make these tracks available to a diverse array of potential new clients.”

“The response by our clients to the launch of ‘The Spot’ library has been amazing,” adds Ehrlich. “Each of these tracks was written specifically to picture, for projects that were extremely well funded. Which means they’ve benefited from great musicians and an unusual attention to detail. Each track was created with a context, so unlike most other ‘generic’ stock music libraries, where the music is essentially churned out in a visual vacuum, our tracks have a story to tell. Differentiating ourselves from the other ‘mass market’ music libraries out there, we have distinguished JECO Music as a true premium music library resource.”

The JECO Music team, with clients including FedEx, Pepsi, Visa, ESPN, Mercedes, Unilever and many others, was selective in compiling “The Spot” library. Roberts explained, “We could be offering thousands of tracks, but ‘The Spot’ isn’t about music by the pound. These are our very best tracks. We maintain strict benchmarks for inclusion and, in return, our clients get a premium library that’s not bloated with redundancy or filler. They can search ‘The Spot’ with confidence, knowing that they will find something quickly that really works.”

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