Immediate Music Launches New Libraries Aimed at Ad and Game Industries

By • October 8, 2008

Music library Immediate Music is making its music available now to the advertising and video game industries. Concurrently, the company, which recently provided its signature music for NBC’s 2008 Beijing Olympics, has announced the launch of two new music libraries, “Immediate Music Premium” and “Immediate Music Library.” Also, Immediate Music will now be offering its award-winning, high quality level, original custom scoring services to those industries. Immediate Music co- founders/composers/producers Yoav Goren and Jeffrey Fayman made the announcements.

Additionally, Immediate Music is now offering its clients state-of-the-art Online Music Search and Download capabilities via The IM online catalogue contains over 1,200 unique tracks, which can be heard and downloaded through signature genre searches.

Immediate Music is making its original music, culled from 15 years of company history, available to the advertising and videogame industries through the release of its two brand new libraries, as well as via original custom scoring services. Mr. Goren said, “We have been very fortunate to have secured a niche with our powerful, impactful and epic-sounding music which has, for 15 years, been promoting hundreds of major motion picture releases. We felt the time was right for us now to extend and expand our industry outreach, by making this same music available to the advertising and videogame industries. With TV spots and videogame trailers becoming more and more cutting-edge and exciting, we wanted to let the producers of those projects know that we are affording them the opportunity to weave in our big music, which is sure to help them reach their target audiences.”

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