GEMA and ICE Evaluate Strategic Partnership

Film Music Magazine • December 23, 2008

GEMA, the German music copyright society, today confirmed that it is actively exploring opportunities to join ICE, currently a joint venture between the UK’s MCPS-PRS Alliance and the Swedish society STIM. ICE’s mission is to build a new, world-class, shared back-office service center for collective rights organizations.

Upon invitation by ICE, GEMA has been carrying out due diligence on ICE over the past six months and this will continue with a view to GEMA potentially becoming a full, third partner in ICE.

Harald Heker, GEMA’s CEO, said “A strong back-office has always provided the basis for GEMA’s operations. We believe that a potential participation in ICE, alongside the Alliance and STIM, could provide an important strategic alliance to enable a leap forward in business quality, efficiency and effectiveness.”

Steve Porter, the MCPS-PRS Alliance CEO, said “The strategic, operational and business logic behind ICE is compelling and gets stronger as new partners and customers join. It would be fantastic if GEMA was to confirm its partner status.”

Kenth Muldin, STIM’s CEO, said “ICE is focused on delivering world-class systems and business processes and winning GEMA’s acknowledged skills and expertise in these areas would significantly strengthen the team.”

Further announcements will be made during the first half of 2009.

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