ASCAP Cuts 2005 LA Membership Meeting; Schedules “Top Earners” Meeting Feb. 15

By • February 8, 2005

LOS ANGELES (Film Music Magazine) – In an apparent cost-cutting move, and breaking with years of precedent, ASCAP has eliminated the 2005 West Coast Membership Meeting in favor of webcasting the April 4 New York membership meeting. ASCAP has indicated that next year’s meeting will be held in Los Angeles and webcast, and that the meetings will alternate annually between New York and Los Angeles.

An ASCAP official indicated that the webcast would be available to both members with high-speed internet access and those with dial-up access, and that the webcast would be archived for later viewing by those who wish to.

The annual ASCAP West Coast General Membership Meeting, which previously had been required by ASCAP’s consent decree with the U.S. Government, was a very well-attended event in recent years, and provided an opportunity for west coast ASCAP members, regardless of income, to come together and meet ASCAP officials ,share information and advice, and learn more about the organization they’ve chosen to represent their performing rights interests.

In what may signal a new policy of providing special benefits and access to high-income members only, ASCAP has scheduled a meeting for what ASCAP describes in printed invitations as “Select Top Earners” in Los Angeles on February 15 to discuss ASCAP technology, foreign royalties, legislative issues, and the future of performing rights and new media licensing. ASCAP officials refused to provide the criteria by which “Select Top Earners” were selected, and emphasized that the meeting was “by invitation only.”

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