HFA Offers Licensing Administration Services

Film Music Magazine • April 16, 2009

The Harry Fox Agency, Inc. (HFA), a leading U.S. music rights licensing organization, is now offering a comprehensive suite of outsourced licensing and administration services to its customers. Depending on the customer’s needs, HFA can handle the complete end-to-end licensing process, from preparation of a licensing agreement, data matching and copyright research services through to licensing, royalty reporting and distribution, and the ongoing maintenance of publishing ownership information.

HFA can also take over the administration of direct licensing agreements with non-HFA represented publishers, thus freeing the customers such as record labels, online music distributors, product manufacturers, and others to focus on other areas to build their business.

As part of this service, HFA has built a unique sound recording database linking information on over 3.5 million tracks to their underlying musical works information, including writers and publishing copyright information. This database, one of the most extensive in the industry and growing everyday, expedites the licensing process for all types of usages.

“HFA has always been the first place record labels and digital music providers turn to for their licensing needs, and we can now provide them with a complete outsourced licensing solution that is flexible and easy,” said Gary Churgin, President and CEO, HFA. “No other licensing organization in the United States has HFA’s knowledge of the music publishing landscape and the ability to support business on any scale, from 100 tracks to millions.”

“HFA is ready to assist licensees with every aspect of the administrative transaction arc,” said Lauren Apolito, Vice President, Business Development, HFA. “Whether a company needs assistance in copyright research to clear millions of songs in order to launch its business, or ongoing support in administering its licensing arrangements, HFA can tailor a solution just for them. HFA’s expertise in music copyright, licensing, and royalty distribution, along with its established relationships with publishers and record labels, will provide our customers with a solid foundation for success.”

For more information, visit http://www.harryfox.com

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