Steve Winogradsky and Ron Sobel Announce Winogradsky/Sobel

By • July 16, 2009

Veteran LA entertainment attorneys, Steve Winogradsky of The Winogradsky Company and Ron Sobel of North Star Media have announced a new business venture, Winogradsky/Sobel. This partnership, also known as “Win/So”, will provide legal and business affairs services, music publishing administration, clearance and licensing for audio and audiovisual productions, consulting, new media revenue solutions and digital strategies for the industry.

Having known each other for over 20 years and serving on the Board of Directors of the California Copyright Conference for more than a decade together, Winogradsky and Sobel have a strong professional and personal connection. They originally met when Sobel was an attorney with ASCAP and Winogradsky was at Universal Pictures. Approximately 8 years ago, Ron left ASCAP and was hired by North Star Media, initially started as a publishing catalog and placement company. At that time, Steve was heading The Winogradsky Company, providing assistance with music business affairs and legal support for composers, songwriters, music publishers, recording artists and television, film, video and multimedia producers.

“Steve was always so grounded in the practical aspects of the law, and I was so attracted to the new and developing opportunities of the Internet,” states Ron, “… we began collaborating often on designing and negotiating synch and New Media licenses for our respective clients. The merger was a very good fit, professionally and personally.”

Together, they provide a comprehensive, innovative approach to client representation under the banner of Winogradsky/Sobel, or Win/So. The legal and business affairs services offered include contracts and legal refinement, designing of business plans, revenue models. They also plan to introduce the importance of social networking and internet awareness to their clients, which part of their concept of new media revenue solutions and digital strategies for today’s day in age.

Win/So provides music publishing administration services for clients, including evaluating international contacts and combining respective internal collection and audit protocols to help offer productivity and effectiveness. They can prepare, negotiate and issue licenses and agreements, collect royalties and fees, and attend to aspects such as title registrations, performing rights organization affiliations, foreign registration and collection, as well as royalty audit and distribution.

Steve Winogradsky said, “Understanding the role and functions of a music publisher and the traditional sources of income allows us to expand that knowledge into the new media sources and maximize our clients’ potential income and exploitation possibilities.”

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