Vienna Ensemble Pro Includes Epic Orchestra Pack

Film Music Magazine • October 14, 2009

Vienna Symphonic Library has announced the release of a completely revamped mixing host, Vienna Ensemble PRO. The software offers a cross-platform LAN solution that can incorporate both Macs and PCs into one network using a simple Ethernet cable. New features include full 64-bit support, 3rd party plug-in hosting, dual architecture servers to include both 64-bit and 32-bit instruments and effect plug-ins, the intelligent Preserve function, and the free bonus library Epic Orchestra.

Vienna Ensemble PRO will be released as a boxed product soon, including exactly the same software and the Epic Orchestra Pack on DVD/CD-ROM. Apart from Vienna Ensemble PRO, the “light” version Vienna Ensemble 2 is still available as a free download to all registered users of any Vienna Instruments Collection.

Whether on one computer or on cross-platform networks, with Vienna Ensemble PRO users are able to integrate their whole arsenal of VSTi/AU virtual instruments and effect plug-ins, 64-bit and 32-bit versions, into their setup. Major features include full 64-bit support to use all the RAM available in a Mac or PC, unlimited audio tracks via LAN, dynamic latency compensation, audio input channels, flexible routing, mixer automation and much more. Vienna Ensemble PRO is a versatile and powerful hub for MIDI and audio data, while sparing additional MIDI and audio interfaces. Pro Tools users, for instance, can now integrate all of their AU plug-ins when instantiating Vienna Ensemble PRO as an RTAS plug-in.

The new Preserve feature lets users disconnect Vienna Ensemble PRO from the sequencer and easily re-connect to a new project or cue without having to reload all instruments, samples and effect plug-ins again – a huge time-saver.

Additionally Vienna Ensemble PRO comes with the free bonus library Epic Orchestra that includes Vienna’s famous Epic Horns as well as Fanfare Trumpets, Appassionata Strings, Woodwind Ensembles and lots of Percussion. Vienna Ensemble PRO offers customized channel strip presets for all instruments included in the Epic Orchestra Pack.

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By Axel Schneider on November 1st, 2009 at 2:01 pm

I can’t wait for Ensemble Pro! VSL so far has always delivered in regards to sound quality. It seems, their price structure has relaxed a bit as well, based on so much sound library competition. However, the big product I am waiting for is VSL MIR for Mac.

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