MusicBoxMobile iPhone App To Access Library Music Announced

Film Music Magazine • November 6, 2009

Music creation and production music house MusicBox has announced the release of MusicBoxMobile, a new iPhone app that allows directors, producers and other music users “on the go” to select music from over 10,000 music tracks for their projects through the new, free app.

David Houts, Executive Producer of such hit TV series as “Dog the Bounty Hunter,” “Parking Wars,” “King of Cars” and “Family Plots,” said, “MusicBoxMobile is highly versatile, and allows any producer, editor or music supervisor to make their creative musical choices ‘on the go,’ through an easy to search, easy to download, one-stop clearance music process. Once again MusicBox is making the creative process more accessible and intuitive.”

Regarding their new product, Music Box co-founder and President Joel Goodman said, “MusicBoxMobile accounts are a two-way street allowing editor and producer to work from the same account while in separate locations, adding and removing tracks from their Favorites folder in real time. As Favorites are chosen on the iPhone, they’re instantly accessed in the edit room and visa versa. Production teams can download tracks they have selected (as one zip file), and lay music directly into their productions. Our MusicBoxMobile clients can search by keyword/descriptor, genre, mood, tempo and instruments with a flick of a finger, as well as scroll and browse through MusicBox Albums and CDs.”

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