LicenseQuote Launches New Website Licensing Store Service

Film Music Magazine • November 16, 2009, a music licensing e-commerce solution for independent music creators, publishers, labels and copyright owners, has announced LicenseQuotePro, a service which allows music owners to license their compositions and music recordings directly from their own web sites while keeping 100% of the sales revenues.

The newly launched LicenseQuote Pro subscription service starts at $12/month and provides an array of publishing and licensing tools for music publishers to set up and manage their own branded licensing store to promote and administer licensing sales directly from their websites.

“Private beta testing of LicenseQuote Pro has been completed and we’ve been getting excellent feedback from a growing number of independent music creators and publishers”, said Michael Borges, co-founder and CEO of LicenseQuote.

LicenseQuote Pro gives music publishers full control over every possible pricing scenario and license type including: advertising, radio, TV, cable, video, film, sync, mechanical royalties, sound recordings, audio projects, corporate, games, compilations, web sites, music on hold, performance, as well as many more standard and any custom-negotiated license contract.

“LicenseQuote Pro let’s publishers target their music offerings to their buyer market with easy to use song discovery tools, customizable licensing profiles and pricing which they set and control to perfectly fit their marketing objectives”, said Doron Erblich, co-founder and CTO of

LicenseQuote Pro provides many features which give music publishers advanced e-commerce tools to:

* Easily embed their own branded Licensing Store on their website or link to it from other sales pages and social websites.
* Follow bid and quote request licensing inquiries with advanced real-time online management.
* Accept bids, provide quotes or negotiate counter-offers to quickly and efficiently close deals or provide automated price quotes.
* Collect payments instantly into their own free PayPal account.
* Auto-generate licensing contracts and deliver perfect quality audio files.
* Give their customers fast, personalized service, a secure way to save and access their licensing projects and to download their contracts, invoices and music tracks.

LicenseQuote is now offering a fully functional 30-day free trial of its new LicenseQuote Pro subscription plan service. For more information, visit

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