Composer Elected President of Croatia

Film Music Magazine • January 20, 2010

CISAC President and Bee Gees singer/songwriter Robin Gibb has issued a statement welcoming the election of Dr. Ivo Josipovic as Croatia’s newest President. Dr Josipovic is a renowned composer and former Secretary General of the Croatian Composers’ Society and the Croatian Collective Management Organization HDS-Zamp, a member of CISAC since 1992.

CISAC’s Director General Eric Baptiste, said that “with Dr. Josipovic’s victory, creators have gained a strong advocate in a country that has demonstrated that it is possible to establish efficient collective management of creators’ rights in this part of Europe, despite its share of challenges. A recent example was last year’s successful action of the Croatian Composers’ Society to stop an attempt by the tourism sector to deprive creators of much of their royalties.” Dr. Josipovic’s support will be particularly important when Croatia joins the European Union, which is anticipated for 2012.

As the leader of the Croatian Composers’ Society from 1987 to 2000 and a Board member since then, Dr. Josipovic played an important role in modernizing the Society, developing the Croatian collective management organization and fighting for proper enforcement of copyright law.

Dr. Josipovic has composed over 50 works for chamber ensembles and symphony orchestras, which are performed frequently by musicians in Croatia and abroad. In addition to his political activities, Dr. Josipovic was a professor of law at The University of Zagreb and a lecturer in music at the Zagreb Music Academy.

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