SESAC Announces Strategic Alliance to Introduce Ruby Digsound (DS) Music Watermarking/Delivery System

Film Music Magazine • January 20, 2010

SESAC has achieved another industry first with the announcement of a strategic alliance with Activated Content Corporation and DigSound to launch Ruby DS, a web-based delivery system for watermarked audio files. To date, neither ASCAP or BMI has officially endorsed any watermarking system to aid composers, songwriters and publishers in tracking the performances of their music for the collection of performance royalties.

RubyDS is a web-based system that delivers audio files via email. The track may be downloaded sercurely, with meta data identifying the sender and downloader attached via a unique watermark. Specifically, each downloaded track receives a unique watermark specific to the terms and conditions of the audio file’s digital transfer. Ruby DS provides a watermark that was previously only available through major labels and post production houses to anyone with a web browser.

Hunter Williams, Senior VP of Strategic Development at SESAC, said, “Technology is changing the way music is consumed at the B2B level. Creators need tools to authenticate and protect their IP as it travels through the digital domain. Copyright owners expect greater accuracy and transparency in accounting from their business representatives. Similarly, music consumers are looking for better efficiency in licensing content that they wish to exploit. The Ruby DS system responds to these needs in a very direct way.”

“The age of digital music has arrived, and RubyDS is a vehicle that takes it to the next level. Activated Content is committed to providing its cutting edge watermark technology to deliver audio files while protecting the content IP and allowing for efficient collection of royalties. We are grateful to be a part of this alliance with SESAC and DigSound which will result in cost savings while generating new revenue for artists and content owners,” said David Cannon, President of Activated Content.

“With so many advancements in digital technology, from broadband to mobile applications, the music value chain is evolving,” said Paul Martin Founder of DigSound. “RubyDS will enhance the ability to monetize content through innovative web 2.0 strategies and foster a more efficient marketplace for music creators,” he concluded.

SESAC, ACC, and DigSound are inviting parties to join the Beta Launch of RubyDS. It is not necessary to be a SESAC affiliate in order to participate. Those interested should visit or for more information.


By Terry Murray on January 20th, 2010 at 7:10 pm

Thanks for this product. It seams to do what we all need it to.
I would like to learn more.

By Scott Carmichael on January 23rd, 2010 at 10:34 am

Thanks Terry! Please sign up for the free beta at to learn more and try out the application.

Cheers, Scott

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