Brian Tyler to score “Alien vs. Predator 2”

By • September 26, 2006

”Alien vs. Predator 2” will be scored by Brian Tyler, who has been hired to provide the musical accompaniment to the 20th Century Fox sequel to the 2004 sci-fi horror picture scored by Harald Kloser. The second film is directed by Coling and Greg Strause, two special effects wizards who make their feature film helming debut with ”AVP 2”. The film is scheduled to premiere in December 2007. Brian Tyler, who is represented by the Gorfaine-Schwartz Agency, has also been hired to score ”Finishing the Game”, working for director Justin Lin for the third time. They have previously collaborated on ”Annapolis” and ”The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift”. ”Finishing the Game” is a comedy about an actor who is hired to stand in for the late martial arts legend Bruce Lee during completion of his final film, ”Game of Death”. Brian Tyler’s other upcoming films include ”Rogue” starring Jet Li and ”Time to Kill” starring Nicolas Cage. Among his recently completed scores are ”Bug” for director William Friedkin and ”Partition” for Vic Sarin.

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