Pacific NW Film Scoring Program Announces One Year Full Time Professional Certificate in Film Scoring

Film Music Magazine • March 12, 2010

The Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program has announced a new One Year Full Time Professional Certificate in Film Scoring, the biggest expansion for the program since its inception in 1997.

This new program will consist of expanded versions of the core courses FS1 – 5, but instead of 80 contact/instruction hours, there will be over 300 hours covering a variety of new subjects and ensuring that students have adequate time and assignments to truly master the skills taught. Also included are classes in the 5 major professional music software programs – Logic, D.P., Finale, Sibelius and Pro Tools along with courses in video game scoring, songwriting for film, film music history, studio conducting and a course exploring the world and development of software plug-ins.

Part of the requirements for completion of the program will be six scoring projects for instrumentations ranging from full orchestra to fully electronic and everything in between. Students will be writing in a variety of musical styles and for different film genres. All the projects will be recorded by pro musicians in an effort to equip grads will a professional portfolio. The training is designed to ensure that graduates have all the skills necessary to work in the industry. Each student will get an individually assigned new dual monitor system workstation to work on, equipped with all the software and hardware necessary.

The Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program was created by 2 time Emmy Award winning film composer Hummie Mann ( whose credits include the original scores for “Robin Hood: Men in Tights”, “Thomas and the Magic Railroad”, “Year of the Comet”, “In Cold Blood” [miniseries re-make] and “The Second Civil War” [HBO]. Besides guest lecturing at universities across the US, Hummie has also taught the program in Edinburgh, Scotland; Copenhagen, Denmark and various locations in China.

“I am really excited about this new development for the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program. This full time professional certificate program is an outgrowth of the countless requests we have had over the years for a one year comprehensive version of our program. The program’s popularity has grown over the years in large part due to the experience that our students get of actually working with a student director on his/her “thesis” film, and then recording the score with a full orchestra. To date our students have provided original orchestral scores to over 90 student made films ranging from live action to animation to documentary. One of the programs successes is that many of our students have established relationships with film makers that then moved from the educational field into the professional world. For me, I am excited about being able to further develop the techniques for teaching film composition and expand the program into video game and interactive music, preparing composers to work in those industries,” said Mann.

Mann is midway through writing a textbook on compositional techniques as applied to writing dramatic music, a new approach to the “tools” of underscoring.

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By Michael Criner on April 28th, 2010 at 5:20 pm

Hey, there. I am a current music student at an Atlanta college. I am looking to hone my craft. Film scoring is my path. Could you please send me requirements or any helpful literature pertaining to your programs? THANK YOU

All the Best.
Michael Criner

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