Russian Pro Film Music Internet Magazine Launched

Film Music Magazine • April 21, 2010

Film Music Online, a new online trade publication in Russian for film music professionals, has been launched and is available now at

The new online magazine features industry news, features, interviews and more about film music people and subjects worldwide, including local Russian industry news and news translated from international publications including Film Music Magazine and others.

Valeria Korotina, Chief Editor, Film Music Online

“We are very excited about the launch of the first professional film music internet magazine in Russia, КиноМузыка Online (Film Music Online), in partnership with Film Music Magazine in the US. We believe this information resource will increase the interest of all parties of filmmaking process in Russia regarding film music. Although the Russian film music industry has a rich heritage, it is now in the initial stage of development, so we are sure that information and education is a key to success now,” said Valeria Korotina, Chief Editor of Film Music Online.

Korotina continued, “We will be translating and publishing articles from Film Music Magazine and also cover the news and put together analytical materials about the Russian film music industry. Our task is to provide young Russian composers with an opportunity to show their creative skills and enter the world market. There have always been an abundance of talented composers in Russia and we will do our best to make their music heard all over the world. This is not such an easy task and that is why we greatly appreciate Mark Northam’s support and cooperation – we could never have done it without him.”

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By Robin Stovold on May 10th, 2010 at 10:42 am

Found your website by accident so i thought I’d ask you this question
Do you think that there will ever be a CD(s) of Vyashlev Ovchinikovs’ music to Sergei Bondarchuks’ epic version of WAR & PEACE?

By Valeria Korotina on May 25th, 2010 at 5:41 am

Sorry for a delayed reply, was checking with record companies here. No, it doesnt look like it is going to be released anytime soon, which is a shame, because the ‘War and Piece’ music is a masterpiece. I found some bits a pieces on youtube, but thats about it. However, there are some ideas here in the air that it might be worth while to re-record soundtracks from old Russian movies, which is happening quite successfully in the USA, so you never know.

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