Pacific NW Film Scoring Program Expands to Morocco

Film Music Magazine • June 2, 2010

The Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program‘s continues to expand its international reputation to the African continent where creator/lead instructor/composer Hummie Mann has been invited to lead a 2 day master class for film directors and composers from Africa and the Arab world at the 3rd annual conference of Les Rencontres Cinematographiques Internationales in Dakhla, Morocco.

First organized in 2008 by l’association d’Animation Culturel et Artistique des Provinces “DES” Sud, this year‘s conference will include participants from 18 different African countries, Europe, Asia and North America who will gather to celebrate African, Moroccan and Arab Cinema with screenings, discussions, and master classes.

This year‘s event features a special look at the issue of the Cinema & the Environment and working to raise awareness in the next generation concerning the need to safeguard a healthy and clean environment.

Recently, the program’s co-lead instructor, composer/orchestrator Tim Huling, visited Tokyo and met with students of the Music Design program at Senzoku College of Music where he discussed music for film and media in the US, as well as the US industry and film music education.

Earlier this year the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program was featured in Variety magazine’s “Leaders in Learning” article ( which coincided with the announced launch of it’s new full-time one-year professional certificate program which opens it’s doors in Fall 2010. Up to now the program has built it’s reputation by running a 2 year long sequence of continuing education courses, as well as offering 2 week intensive programs in Seattle, WA; Edinburgh, Scotland and Copenhagen, Denmark.

Additional information about the program can be found on the PNWFS program website:


By brian scott phraner on June 2nd, 2010 at 6:49 pm

It’s nice to read good news every once in a while. In taking the courses offered at the Pacific Northwest Film Score Program I’ve had a variety of classes that really made a big impression on my composing skills. It’s cool to see it being appreciated in the far far corners of the earth.

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