CORBERLAW and Smith & Coir Associates Announce Combined Services

Film Music Magazine • June 2, 2010

CORBERLAW and Smith & Coir Associates, LLC have announced that they have united to offer expanded legal and business services nationwide, specifically in California, New York and Puerto Rico.

CORBERLAW is headed by Brian Lee Corber, Esq.; and has been providing legal services for over 30 years in Los Angeles and surrounding cities in California. Corber is known in the last 20 years for his specialty as an Entertainment, Intellectual Property, Copyright and Music Law Attorney. CORBERLAW provides legal services regarding many aspects of the music business worldwide, especially related to copyrights, royalties, licensing, publishing, shopping, music rights, film contracts, recording contracts and telecommunications. Other practice services Corber provides include: business litigation, real estate fraud, unfair business and debt collection practices, general fraud, financial transaction issues, and breach of contracts in state and federal court districts.

Expanded services include the services of Peter Smith, General Partner of Smith & Coir Associates, LLC who served as a private Investigator for over 38 years. Smith originally started his career serving 6 years as a NYPD police office over 40 years ago. Smith currently performs as a Corporate and Governmental Consultant in Criminal Justice, Security and Homeland Security. He is an Expert Witness, Certified Fraud Examiner and specializes in Counter Terrorism, Airport Security and Telecommunications Fraud.

Also joining the legal services team is Christa Coir, General Partner of Smith & Coir Associates, LLC and CEO and Founder of CJC Music Associates and Publishing. Coir is an Independent and Freelance Paralegal from NY who has also been a musician for over 20 years. She started her company as a music and online publisher and music services provider back in 2003.

Plans in the near future for the united team include creating and revamping a new division of music licensing and publishing label through CJC Music/CORBERLAW and expanding legal and music services through alliances in the UK and Australia.

For more information, visit and or contact:

CJC Music Associates and Publishing
PO Box 476 Syracuse, NY 13206
(315) 373-0600

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