Busy schedule for David Bergeaud

By • June 8, 2006

David Bergeaud, a French-born composer who has scored features such as The Badge, Prince Valiant and Hangman’s Curse as well as TV shows The Outer Limits and Earth 2, has been hired to score Three, a thriller directed by The Badge helmer Robby Henson and starring Marc Blucas, Bill Moseley and Justine Waddell. Bergeaud has also scored Henson’s other recent picture, The Visitation, a horror film featuring Edward Furlong, Kelly Lynch and Martin Donovan. Bergeaud is also active as a composer of music for video games, and he is currently working on the score for the new Playstation title I8 Resistance: Fall of Man and recently scored Ratchet & Clank: Deadlocked.

As a producer, under the alias Kor, Bergeaud has recenly produced music for Aya Peard and Renfey, whose debut CD ”Rise” was recently released with Bergeaud as producer and co-writer.

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