Anastasia Brown Joins Music Supervision and Production Co. Format Entertainment

Film Music Magazine • November 23, 2010

Anastasia Brown has announced joined LA & NYC based Format Entertainment, a music company specializing in music supervision (Iron Man 1 & 2, Sex and the City 1 &2, The Blindside, Alvin and The Chipmunks 1 & 2, and Swingers), music production and soundtracks for film.

Dave Jordan, Format’s President and Founder, states “Having been friends with Anastasia as well as admiring her talent, I’m thrilled she is joining the Format family”.

Brown will head up a Nashville branch of the company, act as a music supervisor as well as tapping into the enormous amount of musical talent residing in Nashville and the surrounding areas. Having already developed offices in Los Angeles and New York, Format looks forward to the Nashville expansion.

“I’ve spent the last several years focusing on bridging Nashville with the film and entertainment communities in New York and LA,” says Brown. “I am passionate about music and excited to join forces with Format to take Nashville and its singers, songwriters and musicians to the next level.” Brown goes on to say, “Whether it be supervision, consultation, artist representation or raising film financing for music driven films, I’m committed to taking everything to the pinnacle. I believe Nashville will be the true third coast within the next few years.”

As a top Nashville music supervisor, Brown’s film credits include August Rush, Road to Nowhere, It’s Complicated, Billy: The Early Years, Daltry Calhoun, the upcoming Paramount re-make of Footloose. She also music supervised the Emmy Award Winner mini-series, Steven Spielberg executive produced Taken, and acts as a film consultant for projects pertaining to Heartland lifestyle and music.

Julia Michels, Music Supervisor at Format, says “I have been lucky enough to work with Anastasia in the past to great success. I’m looking forward to continuing our close working relationship as part of the same team.”

Throughout her career Brown has worked with artists such as Sting, Peter Frampton, Leon Russell, Waylon Jennings, Junior Brown, John Berry and Keith Urban, whom she helped launch in 1994 as co-manager. On the publishing side, Anastasia hand-picked song writers to attend the renowned songwriting retreat at Copeland’s castle in France, where Urban met the Go-Go’s who went on to co-write with the international superstar his first #1 single, “But For the Grace of God.” ThenSting & Copeland requested Brown pitch his songs to Nashville acts to further monetize his catalog; she successfully helped secure cuts by Tammy Wynette, Waylon Jennings and Toby Keith.

Brown’s previous experience in artist management, A&R, and publishing have made her one of the most well respected and connected power players in the music industry. Given her diverse experience in artist and song development she was asked to join NBC’s “Nashville Star” as a celebrity judge.


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