ASCAP and RightsFlow Partner To Offer Limelight Licensing Service to Members

Film Music Magazine • December 8, 2010

ASCAP and RightsFlow, the leading licensing and royalty service provider, have entered into a partnership to offer mechanical licensing services to ASCAP’s nearly 400,000 songwriter, composer and publisher members through RightsFlow’s Limelight online utility.

Limelight provides artists, bands and record labels with a simple way to clear cover songs andsecure mechanical licenses for physical releases, digital downloads, ringtones and interactive streaming. The online service reduces the complexity of licensing with domestic and internationalpublishers while also ensuring that songwriters and publishers are paid 100% of royalties due. ASCAP members will receive a 25% discount on Limelight service fees.

“We’re very excited to offer ASCAP members a simple solution to not only address their own mechanical licensing needs but also to share with our colleagues and friends in the broader music and musician communities as well,” said Phil Crosland, ASCAP Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer. “As an organization run by music creators, we continue to seek partnerships with innovative companies that can maximize both value and revenue for our members.”

RightsFlow President and CEO Patrick Sullivan added, “Our company vision is to serve musicians and help them and other licensees effectively and efficiently license, account and pay songwriters and publishers. We are extremely gratified to be working with ASCAP, the pre-eminent organization of songwriters, composers, and music publishers, and are looking forward to delivering remarkable service, simplicity and value to their membership.”

Musicians in all 50 states and 46 countries are currently using Limelight to clear cover songs and secure mechanical licenses for their U.S. releases. The license is required for any cover song orthird party composition being distributed. Current U.S. statutory mechanical rates for physical units or permanent downloads are 9.1¢ for songs five minutes or less and 1.75¢ per minute for songs over five minutes. Limited download and interactive streaming services generally pay a mechanical royalty of 10.5 percent of revenue, less amountsowed for performance royalties.

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