NARIP “Music in Games” Event Feb 9 in San Francisco

Film Music Magazine • February 3, 2011

The National Association of Recording Industry Professionals will present “Music in Games” on February 9 in San Francisco. At this NARIP program top experts will discuss this important and fast-growing sector of the business. The speakers will also discuss marketing music for video games to make it more attractive to buyers, where to find them and how to put yourself in line for the best possible deal.

Topics covered at the event will include:

* Types of music deals in gaming
* Major areas of negotiation in music-game deals
* Making the pitch: necessary elements
* What gaming companies really look for
* How to increase the impact and marketability of music for games
* Leading players in the mobile and video game sectors
* Marketplace Trends

For more information or to register for the event, visit:

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