Group Copyright Infringement Insurance Announced for Songwriters and Composers from NSAI

Film Music Magazine • February 3, 2011

Group Copyright Infringement Insurance coverage for songwriters, artist-songwriters, composers and self-published songwriters throughout the U.S. and internationally is now being offered by the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI) and Frost Specialty Inc. This unique group insurance plan will dramatically reduce the cost of infringement-insurance premiums while establishing lower available coverage limits.

“Until now, this kind of coverage was cost prohibitive or unavailable to most songwriters,” said NSAI President, Grammy-nominated songwriter Steve Bogard. “Typically a songwriter or composer had to purchase a minimum of $1,000,000 in infringement coverage when in fact, the majority of infringement claims are resolved for less than $100,000,” Bogard continued. “We addressed that problem and the overall cost of such insurance.”

The NSAI/Frost Group Copyright Infringement Policy will offer coverage amounts beginning at $100,000 for less than $1,600 annually, coverage that the group says should provide adequate protection for most songwriters and composers. Coverage at this low level was generally unavailable prior to creation of this group plan.

For those who require more coverage, the premium for $1 million under the NSAI/Frost Group Copyright Infringement Policy will be roughly $12,000. Current marketplace rates can cost up to two or three times that amount.

The policy also offers a unique provision that will allow songwriters to be involved in the decision to settle claims. If the insurance company wants to settle a claim and the insured did not consent to the settlement the insured assumes the risk for 50% of any settlement above the amount in which the insurance company wanted to settle. For example, the insurance company wants to settle for $500,000 and the insured does not, and the final settlement is $1,000,000. The insured is responsible for 50% of the amount over the company’s settlement offer, or $250,000.

For more information contact the Nashville Songwriters Association International at 1-800-321-6008 or visit

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