ASCAP Board Member Doug Wood Announces Campaign Website

Film Music Magazine • February 3, 2011

Composer, music library owner and ASCAP Board Member Doug Wood has announced the launch of his ASCAP Board election campaign website,

Wood told Film Music Magazine this week, “The ASCAP election starts today and will run for a month. I’ve put up a campaign web site where ASCAP writers and anyone else can read my bio, my platform and watch a short video. I’m really proud to represent the writers of ASCAP, and with their support, I hope to continue my work making ASCAP a better place for all of them.”

Since his election to the ASCAP board as an independent petition candidate, Wood has become well known for his strong advocacy of music, particularly instrumental music. Among the issues Wood says are at the top of his list are working on improving ASCAP’s automated tracking and reforming ASCAP’s weighting system.


By Doris J. Garrett on April 22nd, 2012 at 9:30 am

Of course, I will support you in your campaign efforts and when your headquarters set up, I’ll be the first volunteer to serve coffee to your supporters!

I want you to know how much fun the first EXPO turned out to be for me. Within the very last few hours, for the first time in twenty-five years, I had a question-answer-opportunity to reveal my identity as Siedah’s mother. WOW! At the close I was surrounded by well-wishers with accolades and profound admiration for her work that I have always been afraid to be the target of. I stayed focussed on the person wanting to meet me as not to offend anyone with the feeling of being ignored. It was a FANTASTIC moment afterall.

Finally. I would have liked for the informative panel with Paul Williams to be held in the middle of the seminar which would have empowered more people making videos with more information as to why they were there. I didn’t know how vital the goal aspirations were until that last day when I learned about championing our rights for creative expression and fair compensation for our creative efforts, giving our “blood and sweat” to adventure capitolist with no rate of return to depend on – on our terms – that pays residules and excludes piracy. It’s a bigger issue than I had realized and therefore, I apologize for my ignorance. The EXPO was quite educational, well-prepared and I met a lot of wonderful (ASCAP) family members I didn’t know I had.

Really great to have met you and the crew from New York. (I gave Adrian a copy of my poem to entertain himself on his break.)
Take care, Doug. I look forward to being on your support team.
Warm regards, Penny Rich (Doris J. Garrett (Member #1780651)

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