Seattle Film Institute Offers Professional Film Scoring Certificate Program Taught By Emmy Award Winning Composer Hummie Mann

Film Music Magazine • March 2, 2011

The Seattle Film Institute is now offering a Professional Film Scoring Certificate Program taught by Emmy Award winning composer Hummie Mann. The two time Emmy-Award winning composer/arranger is founder of the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program which now operates as a division of the Seattle Film Institute.

“This new partnership creates unique opportunities for relationships and collaboration between student filmmakers and student film composers,” says Mann, who notes‚ “our organizations have been working together on an informal basis for years, so this is a great fit.”

SFI Director David Shulman agrees ‚”We’re delighted to have the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program as part of the Seattle Film Institute family,” says Shulman. “The mission of all our programs, whether advanced degrees or professional certificates, is to deliver a hands-on education and practical experience that provide the groundwork for professional careers. The Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program fits that mission perfectly.” Like Mann, Shulman is also excited by the prospect of what he describes as, “the synergistic effect of student filmmakers and student film composers sharing the same campus as Seattle Film Institute becomes the first and only school where the collaboration between filmmakers and composers is specifically woven into the curriculum of both the filmmaking and film scoring programs.”

Hummie Mann has collaborated with some of Hollywood’s most celebrated directors in both theatrical and television films. His motion pictures projects have ranged from Mel Brooks’ “Robin Hood: Men in Tights” to Peter Yates’ “Year of the Comet”, the children’s film “Thomas and the Magic Railroad” to “Wooly Boys” directed by Leszek Burzynski starring Peter Fonda, Kris Kristofferson, Keith Carradine and Joe Mazzello. For television, he has scored projects for Simon Wincer (the miniseries “P.T. Barnum”), Jonathan Kaplan (the miniseries re-make of “In Cold Blood”), Norman Jewison (“Picture Windows – Soir Bleu”), Peter Bogdanovich (“The Rescuers: Tales of Courage – Two Women”), Joe Dante (“Masters of Horror: Homecoming”), Jim Abrahams (“First Do No Harm”), Richard Friedenberg (“Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas”), William Friedkin, John Milius and Ralph Bakshi (all part of the “Rebel Highway” series of films), and many others.

Mann was honored with his second Emmy Award for an episode of Showtime’s Picture Windows entitled “Language of the Heart‚” a love story about a street musician and an aspiring ballerina. The composer’s score so impressed director Jonathan Kaplan that Kaplan hired him to score the CBS mini-series “In Cold Blood” starring Anthony Edwards and Eric Roberts.

In the film scoring program, students receive over 800 hours of class instruction and supervised lab time. Students write for professional session musicians, work on state-of-the-art workstations assigned to them for the duration of the Program, and receive extensive guidance individually and in small classes from outstanding instructors who are working professionals.

As the Program progresses, students write for ensembles of various sizes, up to and including a full orchestra, with selected projects combining electronic elements with live performance, working in a professional studio-recording environment. “Our goal‚” says Mann, “is to produce the most prepared graduates of any film scoring program currently offered.”

Judging by alumni response, Mann has been successful in meeting that goal:

“Far beyond basic skills, the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program gave me the confidence to pursue a career in film scoring. Hummie reveals everything about the craft and business of film music and I’m still absorbing those lessons years into my own career. Highly recommended!”
–Jason Staczek

Jason scored the award-wining feature films My Winnipeg, Brand Upon The Brain and All My Love, and did additional music for Lynn Shelton’s award-winning feature We Go Way Back.

“This program is AMAZING. I’m currently writing music for films and video games, and I can honestly say that that would not be the case if it wasn’t for the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program. Literally every day I use something I learned from Hummie, whether it’s theory, orchestration or scoring for picture. It’s quite remarkable how much incredible information is packed into the program.”
–Jeff Tolbert

Jeff scored the award-winning video game Faerie Solitaire (2009) for Subsoap Games and the feature films The Unlovables (2011) and Walk Right In (2009).

“My experience with the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program has trained me well for a very busy career writing music for film, television, and beyond. The skills I learned gave me a competitive edge that allowed me to create my own career as a lead composer on Oscar nominated documentaries, Sundance Premiering Feature Films, successful TV shows, and musicals. With lessons that took me very thoroughly through advanced orchestration and recording, to how to behave at a recording session, the program primed me to succeed. I highly recommend this program!”
–Justin Melland

Justin has scored numerous documentary series including FRONTLINE (PBS), the Human Weapon (the History Channel), City Confidential (A & E), and Snapped (Oxygen). He also scored the feature films The Family Holiday and World Enough and Time.

The next session of the Professional Film Scoring Certificate Program starts Monday, September 12th, 2011. For more information visit:

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