ASCAP: All Writer Incumbents Re-Elected; All Writer Opponents Lose; Refuses to Release Vote Counts

Film Music Magazine • March 22, 2011

ASCAP has continued its controversial election policy of refusing to release election vote counts after announcing that all Board of Directors writer incumbents were re-elected, resulting in the loss of 100% of the handpicked writer “opponents” chosen by the Board’s nominating committee and announced just days prior to the ballots were distributed to voting members of the society. As has been the case since language created by the ASCAP Board increased the number of signatures to appear on the ballot by petition from only 25 in 2001 to over 1,587 currently, no independent petition candidate has appeared on the ballot. Since that language was introduced, 100% of the incumbent writer Board candidates who choose to run have been re-elected.

Re-elected to the ASCAP Board on the writer side were President and Chairman of the Board Paul Williams, songwriter Marilyn Bergman; composer Richard Bellis; composer Bruce Broughton; songwriter Hal David; songwriter and composer Dan Foliart; songwriter Wayland Holyfield; composer Johnny Mandel; songwriter Valerie Simpson; songwriter Jimmy Webb; and composer Doug Wood. Re-elected in the Symphonic and Concert field is composer Stephen Paulus.

On the publisher side of the Board, in a surprising upset incumbent Kathy Spanberger lost her incumbent seat to Laurent Hubert of BMG Gold Songs. The publisher directors re-elected in the at-large field are: Martin Bandier, Sony/ATV; Caroline Bienstock, Bienstock Publishing; Barry Coburn, Ten Ten Music; John L. Eastman, Edwin H. Morris; Roger Faxon, EMI Music; David Johnson, Warner Brothers Music; Dean Kay, Lichelle Music; Leeds Levy, Leeds Music; David Renzer, Universal Music; and Irwin Z. Robinson, Cromwell Music. Re-elected in the Symphonic and Concert field is publisher James Kendrick, Schott Music Corporation/European American Music Corporation.

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