Goldsmith to be commemorated in Spain

By • April 18, 2006

The legendary film composer Jerry Goldsmith will be commemorated by the II International Film Music Conference in the City of Úbeda in Spain on July 20-23. On July 21, it’s been two years since the composer of milestone scores such as Planet of the Apes, Patton, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Basic Instinct and Total Recall, passed away.

A series of activities related to Jerry Goldsmith are currently being planned by the organisers of the conference. A brief concert conducted by John Debney is in the works, and a new award, the Jerry Goldsmith Award, will be launched in order to recognise the talent of young film composers in Europe. Jerry Goldsmith’s widow, Carol, will attend the conference.

Previously announced programme content includes a concert featuring music composed and conducted by veteran composer Basil Poledouris (Robocop, Hunt for Red October, Conan the Barbarian). John Frizzell (Stay Alive, Dante’s Peak, Alien: Resurrection) is the honorary president of the festival and other confirmed guests include Bruno Coulais, John Debney, Maxim Koshevarov, Pavel Malkov, Stephen Warbeck and Varèse Sarabande’s Robert Townson.

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