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By • August 11, 2011

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Stravinsky and Prokofiev were certainly spectacular when Basil Poledouris drew on their might to wield Arnold Schwarzenegger’s sword for John Milius’ epic adaptation of “Conan” 29 summers ago. But when watching director Marcus Nispel’s even more barbaric, entertainingly frantic reboot of Robert E. Howard’s famed character, it’s clear that slowly majestic musical approach would quickly get killed on this roid rage battlefield. But it’s just the right, rhythmic sword swinging for composer Tyler Bates to tackle. His adrenalized music for a new, charismatic Cimmerian named Jason Momoa is all about a death-dealer who’s content to live, love, slay and seek biblical payback against black magic bastards. Where Bates’ score for “300” pumped up the Spartans’ noble sacrifice, his thrashing percussion, sorcerous voices, and surging orchestrations are in synch with this bold, new Conan, delivering the summer goods in a way that would make Robert E. Howard raise his sword and holler for joy after too long a spell.

But where Bates’ resume might include the musically creative bloodlust of The Watchmen,” “Super” and “The Devil’s Rejects,” the composer proves he’s as much a composer of peace as action with his beautifully subtle score to “The Way.” For the quest of Martin Sheen’s father to come to peace with his son’s passing, Bates reteams with director, and real-life son Emilio Estevez after “Rated-X” to reflect on the inner personal discovery of a man amidst spectacular surroundings. It’s a sound that’s pure poetry, as Bates’ ethereal melodies for guitars, haunting voices and ethnic instruments creating a deeply felt sense of spirituality as mighty as any barbarian’s sword.

Now on a new episode of “On the Score,” Tyler Bates talks about the musical challenges of taking on the musical paths to a warrior’s vengeance, and a father’s peace.

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