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By • November 7, 2011

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From the royal maneuverings within the court of “The Tudors” to the towering construction of a church in “The Pillars of the Earth” and the lethal conspiracies at work amongst “The Borgias,” few composers have given vibrant life to history’s grandest power plays like Trevor Morris. Whether he’s used music barely above a mesmerizing whisper or the epic power of a chorus and orchestra, Morris has become television’s chosen chronicler of the past.

Now Morris’ ability to play classic characters battling for god-like supremacy goes to the big screen, in no less than three dimensions for “Immortals.” Here it’s the brutally pounding sound of a vengeful king seeking to topple Zeus from the heavens, a darkness that’s pitted against the soaring honor and glory of Theseus, the only man who can save the cosmos. Given a warrior canvas to rival “300” by the producers of that hit film, and inspired by the striking directorial style of Tarsem (“The Fall”), Trevor Morris’ score goes roaring to the heavens and far under it with his most rousingly impressive work yet, a soundtrack filled with the blood and thunder or strings, brass, voice and above all furious emotion, blasting out mythical scoring at its most operatic.

Photo Credit: Jan Thijs


Photo Credit: Jan Thijs

Beginning his own climb to Los Angeles by way of Canada, Morris’ beginnings would see him compose for The Pope while still a youth before majoring in music production, a talent that would allow him to become one of Hans Zimmer’s’ chosen few. Additional music for the likes of “The Island,” King Arthur” and “Shark Tale” followed, all displaying a knack for rhythmic propulsion that served Morris well when he helped techno maven B.T. fly with the score to “Stealth.” Where Morris would strike out on his own with such films as “The Hills Have Eyes 2” and “Stolen,” the video game soundtracks for “Army of Two” and “Command and Conquer,” and the episodic suspense of “E-Ring” and “Justice,” it was Morris’ Emmy-winning work on “The Tudors,” “The Borgias” and the Emmy-nominated “The Pillars of the Earth” that would truly allow him imbue the eons-old armor of these “Immortals” with fresh melodic energy- a power to bring the past to musical life that may just have been passed down by the gods of music.

Photo Credit: Jan Thijs


Photo Credit: Jan Thijs

Now on a new episode of “On the Score,” Trevor Morris talks about his quest to compose this clash of the titans for “Immortals,” – a Herculean task that will likely propel Morris further up the scoring cliffs of Hollywood’s Mount Olympus.

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