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By • December 13, 2011

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Spying is a dangerous business, one where your survival depends on stealth and disguise, a skill set employed at barely above a whisper. On that account, it’s likely that Michael Giacchino wouldn’t last long as a member of the Impossible Mission Force. After all, his music is just having too much damn fun saving the planet with seconds to spare. For if he took on the terrorist 1% with pulse-pounding action in “Mission Impossible 3,” Giacchino’s newest IMF assignment for “Ghost Protocol” steps up the stylistic adrenalin to truly impossible runs of excitement and suspense. It’s an A-ticket adrenalin ride through retro spy rhythms, exotic musical locales and brassy action writing that seems like a superhero score waiting to happen.

If Giacchino’s “MI4” score makes you think that Ethan Hunt is suddenly going to don tights and a cape, perhaps it’s because he’s playing more-than-human, 007-influenced material again for Brad Bird- the filmmaker who gave the one-time Disney publicist his breakthrough score with the studio’s Oscar-winning “Incredibles.” The fact that Bird’s adventurers are now flesh and blood seems to have little impact on Giacchino’s exuberant approach that pumps new musical life into this franchise, and action scoring in general.

But then, 2011’s been filled with Giacchino’s catchy, ultra-thematic enthusiasm as he’s seemingly tried to win the award for the hardest working composer in show business. First Giacchino created new music for the “Star Wars” saga in the form of a Disney ride, then emulating the maestro brilliantly for the Amblin’ flashback “Super 8,” all before giving energetic speed to “Cars 2” and swinging Mancini gloss to the gamines of “Monte Carlo.” Better yet, Giacchino’s breakneck productivity has never lacked for melodic quality, always capturing the pure, melodic joy of the popcorn experience. With one foot obviously planted in movie and score fan geekdom, and the other in professionally crafted scoring, Giacchino is in very good standing to take the next-gen composer throne, especially while rappelling off the world’s tallest building in “Ghost Protocol.” Now as he takes a rare break in the midst of the “John Carter” music mix, Michael Giacchino talks about his own brilliantly burning fuse, one with no end in sight.

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