Gorfaine-Schwartz Dominates Box Office

By • October 10, 2007

The Gorfaine-Schwartz Agency dominates the film music industry in terms of films and composers represented at the US box office so far this year. And no one comes close to “the big three”, Gorfaine-Schwartz, First Artists and Kraft-Engel.

Film Music Weekly has analyzed the 2007 US box office statistics so far in order to find out which film composer agencies are the most prolific in terms of landing of box office hit assignments for their composers – and, if you look at the survey from the other point of view: which agency has the most in-demand composers on their client roster.

It does not come as a surprise that Gorfaine-Schwartz Agency and its agents Michael Gorfaine, Samuel Schwartz and Cheryl Tiano, dominates the box office – with its roster featuring leading names such as John Williams and Hans Zimmer, GSA has been the leading film music agency in Hollywood for many years. FMW analyzed the top 100 films at the 2007 US box office so far, and the total gross for these films is over $6 billion. The films scored by GSA composers grossed a total of $2.1 billion. The runner-up, First Artists Management, comes in at $1.3 billion, and number three, Kraft-Engel, worked on films grossing a total of $988 million.

So far though, it’s not a GSA composer who has scored the number one film of the year. First Artists’ composer Christopher Young scored Spider-Man 3 which grossed $336.5m. However, GSA’s composers scored all three runner-ups, also grossing over $300m each: Shrek the Third (Harry Gregson-Williams), Transformers (Steve Jablonsky) and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (Hans Zimmer). And Transformers is still in release.

An example of Gorfaine-Schwartz strength in the industry is that their box office domination is so striking despite the fact that three of their primary composers – John Williams, James Horner and James Newton Howard – haven’t had a single new film out so far this year. Now, there is still two months of premieres left to include in the final 2007 statistics, and the list here will change – among “hot” films remaining this year are Saw IV(Charlie Clouser/ Evolution Music Partners), I Am Legend and Michael Clayton (both by James Newton Howard, GSA), National Treasure: Book of Secrets (Trevor Rabin/Kraft-Engel) and Elizabeth: The Golden Age (Craig Armstrong/First Artists).

The most prolific film music agencies according to the 2007 US box office statistics so far.

1. Gorfaine-Schwartz Agency – $2,128.0m
• Shrek the Third (Harry Gregson-Williams) – $321.0m
• Transformers (Steve Jablonsky) – $316.5m
• Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (Hans Zimmer) – $309.4m
• Ratatouille (Michael Giacchino) – $203.4m
• The Simpsons Movie (Hans Zimmer) – $182.1m
• I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry (Rupert Gregson-Williams) – $119.5m
• Blades of Glory (Theodore Shapiro) – $118.2m
• Evan Almighty (John Debney) – $100.3m
• Disturbia (Geoff Zanelli) – $80.1m
• Shooter (Mark Mancina) – $47.0m
• Underdog (Randy Edelman) – $42.8m
• Stardust (Ilan Eshkeri) – $37.9m
• The Number 23 (Harry Gregson-Williams) – $35.2m
• Balls of Fury (Randy Edelman) – $33.5m
• Mr. Brooks (Ramin Djawadi) – $28.6m
• Hannibal Rising (Ilan Eshkeri) – $27.7m
• War (Brian Tyler) – $22.5m
• Mr. Woodcock (Theodore Shapiro) – $22.3m
• The Hills Have Eyes 2 (Trevor Morris) – $20.8m
• Georgia Rule (John Debney) – $18.9m
• The Hitcher (Steve Jablonsky) – $16.5m
• Daddy Day Camp (James Michael Dooley) – $13.0m
• Dragon Wars (Steve Jablonsky) – $10.8m

2. First Artists Management – $1,307.3m
• Spider-Man 3 (Christopher Young) – $336.5m
• Rush Hour 3 (Lalo Schifrin) – $138.6m
• Superbad (Lyle Workman) – $120.3m
• Ocean’s Thirteen (David Holmes) – $117.2m
• Ghost Rider (Christopher Young) – $115.8m
• Norbit (David Newman) – $95.4m
• Surf’s Up (Mychael Danna) – $58.9m
• Fracture (Mychael Danna/Jeff Danna) – $39.0m
• Freedom Writers (Mark Isham) – $36.6m
• Smokin’ Aces(Clint Mansell) – $35.7m
• Breach (Mychael Danna) – $33.1m
• The Reaping (John Frizzell) – $25.1m
• Hot Fuzz (David Arnold) – $23.6m
• Amazing Grace (David Arnold) – $21.3m
• Reign Over Me (Rolfe Kent) – $19.7m
• Vacancy (Paul Haslinger) – $19.0m
• Next (Mark Isham) – $18.0m
• Hostel Part II (Nathan Barr) – $17.6m
• Shoot ‘Em Up (Paul Haslinger) – $12.7m
• I Think I Love My Wife (Marcus Miller) – $12.6m
• Primeval (John Frizzell) – $10.6m

3. Kraft-Engel Management – $988.4m
• The Bourne Ultimatum (John Powell) – $224.5m
• Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (John Ottman) – $131.9m
• Hairspray (Marc Shaiman) – $118.1m
• Meet the Robinsons (Danny Elfman) – $97.8m
• Bridge to Terabithia (Aaron Zigman) – $82.3m
• Licence to Wed (Christophe Beck) – $43.8m
• Because I Said So (David Kitay) – $42.7m
• No Reservations (Philip Glass) – $42.5m
• Epic Movie (Edward Shearmur) – $39.7m
• The Messengers (Joseph LoDuca) – $35.4m
• The Kingdom (Danny Elfman) – $31.4m
• Good Luck Chuck (Aaron Zigman) – $29.1m
• Catch and Release (BT) – $15.5m
• Alpha Dog (Aaron Zigman) – $15.2m
• The Invasion (John Ottman) – $15.1m
• Hot Rod (Trevor Rabin) – $13.9m
• Evening (Jan A.P. Kaczmarek) – $12.5m

4. Soundtrack Music Associates – $480.0m
• 300 (Tyler Bates) – $210.6m
• Halloween (Tyler Bates) – $57.1m
• Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Klaus Badelt) – $54.1m
• Premonition (Klaus Badelt) – $47.9m
• The Game Plan (Nathan Wang) – $42.8m
• 28 Weeks Later (John Murphy) – $28.6m
• Reno 911: Miami (Craig Wedren) – $20.3m
• Becoming Jane (Adrian Johnston) – $18.6m

5. Greenspan Artists Management – $421.5m
• Wild Hogs (Teddy Castellucci) – $168.3m
• Live Free or Die Hard (Marco Beltrami) – $134.4m
• Are We Done Yet? (Teddy Castellucci) – $49.6m
• 3:10 to Yuma (Marco Beltrami) – $48.6m
• The Invisible (Marco Beltrami) – $20.6m

6. Cool Music (UK) – $290.2m
• Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Nicholas Hooper) – $290.2

7. Evolution Music Partners – $256.9m
• 1408 (Gabriel Yared) – 72.0m
• Stomp the Yard (Sam Retzer/Tim Boland) – $61.4m
• Resident Evil: Extinction (Charlie Clouser) – $43.5m
• Zodiac (David Shire) – $33.1m
• Waitress (Andrew Hollander) – $19.0m
• Dead Silence (Charlie Clouser) – $16.6m
• The Lives of Others (Gabriel Yared) – $11.3m

8. Air-Edel Associates (UK) – $34.3m
• The Brave One (Dario Marianelli) – $34.3m

9. William Morris Agency – $31.4m
• Daddy’s Little Girls (Brian McKnight) – $31.4m

10. Bully Music – $15.6m
• Happily N’Ever After (Paul Buckley) – $15.6m

Source: Box Office Mojo.

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