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By • January 24, 2012

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When it comes to emotional synchronicity between a composer and director, the ongoing collaboration between Cliff Eidelman and Ken Kwapis continues to play the heartstrings with a pleasingly assured melodic resonance. First teaming in 1997 for the playful, Eastern European-styled battle between “The Beautician and the Beast,” Eidelman has quirkily captured Kwapis’ “Sexual Life,” created a humorously heartfelt summer vacation for “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” and heard the bittersweet music of realizing “He’s Just Not Into You.” But whatever the subject, Eidelman’s work for the filmmaker has been distinguished by its thankful reliance on melody, rhythmic pace and steadfast use of memorable themes to distinguish Kwapis’ character-filled stories.

Though very much in spirit with their past works, “Big Miracle” takes Kwapis and Eidelman outside of their comfort zone, at least physically by plunging their creative attributes into the cold wasteland of Barrow, Alaska, where three whales are cut off from the ocean by an ever-growing sheet of ice. Unexpectedly aiding in their life and death struggle is an unlikely partnership between Eskimo hunters, Greenpeace activists, American helicopter pilots and a Russian ice breaker- a race against time that’s breathlessly covered by a media circus.

While Eidelman’s humorously eccentric music is there to capture the confusion, “Big Miracle” more importantly opens up new territory for both Kwapis’ visual expression, while also creating the biggest dramatic tableau yet for Eidelman’s work for him. With the music suspensefully ticking down the clock for the whales’ survival, Eidelman’s ethnic instruments conjure the Alaskan outback, with haunting music conveying whale calls and heartfelt orchestral emotion showing how humans the world over join in their prayers for the majestic animals’ survival. It’s a cross-species family drama with truly vast scale of melodic humanity, one whose music is no small miracle.

Now on a new podcast of “On the Score,” Cliff Eidelman and Ken Kwapis talk about their grandest joint effort yet for this true-life whale of a tale.

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