Audio: On the Score with Gareth Evans, Mike Shinoda and Joseph Trapanese

By • March 12, 2012

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In the world of action cinema, no style of aggression is more dependent on a literal beat-downs than Asian-themed martial arts pictures. For as such composers as Lalo Schifrin (“Enter the Dragon”), Christopher Young (“Rapid Fire”), Tan Dun (“Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”) and Raymond Wong (“Kung Fu Hustle”) have effectively proved, nothing quickens the body blows, or gives lightning-fast pace to skillfully-staged fights like the pounding of an orchestra, the pulsing of a keyboard or the swift hits of ethnic instruments in tandem with balletic punishment.

Now with “The Raid- Redemption,” these directorial set-ups and explosions of rhythmic violence reach new, exhilarating heights when a crack team of Indonesian cops tries to take out a drug lord’s apartment complex. But the tables are horrifically turned, with only a few survivors left to battle waves of attacking evildoers. Bodies and blood fly in ever-escalating sequences of inventive, jaw-dropping mayhem that are as giddily brutal as they are amazing- all courtesy of Welsh directing expatriate Gareth Evans. His two near-constant companions in spectacular punishment are Mike Shinoda and Joseph Trapanese, two state of the art Zen masters in musical propulsion who’ve now united into an invincible, non-stop fighting force.

Shinoda is best known as a front man for Linkin Park, a rock group that’s found thrash acclaim for its metal grooves and furious rhythms, all while Trapanese has orchestrated and programmed for the hard-driving likes of “Fast Five” and “Tron: Legacy.” With “The Raid- Redemption,” both men take on their first feature score together with exhilarating style, generating a barrage of scraping samples, screaming guitars, relentless beat rhythms and just a bit of emotion- all adding to the kind of pure, percussive aggressiveness that’s all about the musical poetry of cinematic carnage. Now, on a new episode of On the Score, “Raid” writer-director Gareth Evans reunites with his musical team as they talk about putting the cool, rhythmic hurt into the foundation of one of the most dynamic martial arts films in years.

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