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A F of M (American Federation of Musicians) (also known as the Musicians Union) In the United States, this is the national Musicians Union. They have contract agreements with film and television production companies which cover the performance of their musician, orchestrator, and copyist members on recording sessions for film and television scores. The A F of M also oversees contracts for musicians working in live performances, album recording, demo recording, and radio and television jingles and commercials.
Arranger An arranger works with existing musical material and creates a custom version for a specific kind or size of musical group. For example, an arranger might be asked to take a piece of film music originally written for a large orchestra and create a version for a smaller musical group. Arrangers can also create versions of music in different styles, like arranging traditional music for a contemporary music group such as a big band or rock group.
Assumption Agreement (US) An agreement that a production company must sign with the A F of M (Musicians Union) in order to use the services of union members on a film or television music recording session. The agreement covers various issues including who is responsible for paying potential future payments to the musicians based on any new uses of the music. The agreement also specifies any special payments to the musicians that may be required in the future based on the commercial success of the film.

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