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Do I need a marketing plan?
If you want to work as an employee in a music company such as a music publisher or record company, you may not - working in the corporate world is more of a "team sport" and may involve different types of marketing and promotion activities.

But if you're working as a freelance songwriter, composer, musician, music editor, or in any of the other freelance areas common to the film and television music industry, a marketing plan can be a critical part of your success.

With the loss of the "studio system" in the 1960's (this was a system where the studios had massive music operations and directly employed full time composers, orchestrators, orchestras, etc.), we've seen a decline in apprenticeship opportunities. These "on the job" learning/working opportunities were and are an incredible way to learn the business by being exposed to and working directly with skilled composers and songwriters.

The advent of low cost MIDI equipment in the 1980's and 1990's made composers more independent and self-reliant, and reduced the need for apprentices and assistants.

So in this world where everybody tends to be "working for themselves," getting the word out about your music is important. This involves creating and maintaining awareness of your music and your name - and this is exactly what a marketing plan is designed to do.

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